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“If you're lucky enough to spend your last day in Manhattan on a Friday you must seek out a tour with Justin Ferate. Mr. Ferate is truly a New York gem... Mr. Ferate was recently voted one of New York's 50 Essential Secrets by Time Out magazine. He is the modern equivalent of a Renaissance man. He looks like a college professor, and has an intellect to match. Part showman and part trivial pursuit player he has an encyclopedic knowledge of New York City. ”

— Anne Herndon, Personal Travel Concierge

“New York's Best Walking Tour” “Every Friday afternoon… the exuberant Justin Ferate leaves audiences spellbound during the free Grand Central Tour.”

— AAA Guide to New York

“Justin Ferate speaks of New York City with touching propriety. Give him a street and he begins to spin it out before your eyes, not only the architecture, but also what we really want to know: the gossip, the stories, the lives of men and women who scandalized us or captured our imagination.”

— New York Times

Justin Ferate is… New York’s “Most Engaging Tour Guide”

— New York State Governor Pataki and the
New York State Tourism Council

“New York City’s “revered Tour Guide among Tour Guides.”

— New York Times

“Every single person to whom I speak in the Tourism Industry recommends [Justin] as the single most knowledgeable Tour Guide/Historian/Academic in the City, and uniquely qualified to rewrite the Department of Consumer Affairs Tour Guide test.”

— Commissioner, NYC Department of Consumer Affairs

“Justin Ferate’s award-winning approach in conducting tours has enthralled and educated many of New York State’s visitors and residents.”

— Libby Pataki, First Lady of New York State

“What a great time we had on the tour of Grand Central Terminal! It was the most fantastic guided tour of any place anywhere that my mother and I have ever been on. The tour of the Terminal really made our trip to NYC a fabulous experience.”

— Alex & Sandra Habgood, Bristol, England

“Mr. Ferate understands that we were made because God loves stories. And he makes his living giving tours where he tells the city’s stories, which are what bond us to a place. They make the brick and mortar whisper of those who walked these streets, who loved and suffered and vanished.”

— Chris Hedges, NY TIMES

“It was again a wonderful trip [of the Upper East Side]. Thank you!!! I asked some members what made them come to that specific trip, and they said "Justin"!! The moment they see your name on the flyer, they sign up. ... some only sign up for your gentleman even said that you were better than ever! Have a great Thanksgiving and warmest regards from Mr. Sepia and me.”

— Eva Schwab, Princeton Historical Society

“Justin, we learned a lot from both of you! The parents were impressed. I will be in contact with you for more great trips. The writing that the children wrote today about the trip was quite impressive. I am sharing it with the principal.”

— Colette Titkin, Nyack Public Schools

“I just wanted to give my sincerest thanks to you for what myself and all our participants thought was a wonderful, engaging tour of Harlem. The buzz on the bus ride home was wonderful to eavesdrop on. Not one negative thing was said! Although our planning got hectic at times, everything came together wonderfully and I think you and I should be very proud of the result! We couldn’t have asked for a better day in any respect. We would love to work with you again and will hopefully keep in touch. ”

— Suzanne Bellofatto, Neuberger Museum of Art

“Thank you again for another triumphant walking tour. I have to say I don't know another person who is such an exuberant fountain of reliable information about this great city. I look forward to many more such lessons.”

— Ed Klein

“it is almost two months ago now - but I still wanted to thank you for the wonderful Grand Central Terminal tour. I am from Germany and could enjoy it in 2003 already. Now I am studying in Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA. In January a friend visited me in New York - and I just had to take him to your tour which he also enjoyed a lot. Having spent hours and hours on guided tours all over Europe (you know, we have a lot of old stuff standing around!), I must say that your tour is the best I have ever attended. Even though it was my second time, the three hours went by like nothing and I could have listened to your explanations for ever and ever! ”

— Hans Strömsdörfer, Germany

“For almost 2 years now, I have been trying to find the channel to say "Thank You" to you. I finally found it when i received the Frommer's newsletter this morning. There was a write up about you and the walking tours that you conduct around New York city and I was so excited when I saw that you have included your email address in the website. I am one of the tourists, that came to the free walkabout tour that you conduct on Friday, around 42rd street and Grand Central station, 2 years ago. It was in this tour where I met my boyfriend of 2 years, Paul.... I was a little disappointed that I could not thank you properly then. Hence, I want to take this opportunity to thank you, for the time and experience around Grand Central station. It had been fun and informative. And also, for creating the opportunity for Paul and myself to get to know each other. ”

— Kim

“I was fortunate to be on the recent Tauck Tour of NYC and to enjoy your fabulous tour of the City. I wanted to let you know that you were a great success and everyone was saying how we wished that our time with you had been longer! I am the person on the tour from Baltimore and I wondered if it would be possible to join one of your tours when you are in Baltimore. Also, would love to take another NYC tour with you in the future. ”

— Emily

“Just wanted to tell you want a marvelous time we had with Justin Ferate. It was really much more than a tour of Grand Central, the fellow is a walking encyclopedia and one-man band combined. He was thoroughly charming, entertaining and fascinating! He actually wrote me an email thanking us for taking the "tour" with him and also for contributing to Copland House! He is really a New York treasure-as I wrote back to him. Glad we've participated on all of these wonderful events through Copland House.”

— Ellen

“I really can't express how pleasant it has been to work with you. The tour really made our time in NYC, and was the highlight of the course. he material you distributed also added greatly to everyone's sense of Wharton and New York. I knew something about the subject before, but feel a much deeper connection to and understanding of the subject now. Thank you so much for that. And should we ever have the opportunity to conduct the class again, I hope to work with you then. It has been a great experience--both professional and quite enjoyable. ”

— Martha Billips

“My buddies can't believe I actually paid someone to show me around my own neighborhood! But, as I told them, it was very entertaining and even I, a long time resident, learned a great deal."

— Brooklynite

“I went on the Grand Central Tour last Friday and am writing to thank you. It was wonderful. I plan take the tour again and invite more of my friends. I have been raving about it since. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

— Monique Gamme

“It was a real eye-opener to see special places in the City that New Yorkers don’t often get to see — or even know about!”

— B. Rudikoff

“Walking around New York City with Justin… It doesn’t get any better.”

— A Native New Yorker

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