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Architecture..170 Fun and Miscellaneous..138 Museums..53 Staten Island..49
Art..69 Harlem..36 Nature..24 Subways & Railroad..20
Bronx..57 Historic Houses..45 New Jersey..18 Times Square..21
Brooklyn..64 Historical Accounts..101 New York State..13 Upper East Side..21
Children..21 Hudson River Valley..11 Political History..8 Upper West Side..20
Downtown/Financial Dist...31 Landmarks..84 Queens..85 Vintage Photos..119
East Village..32 Long Island..22 Religious..13 Walking Tours..46
Event Listings..66 Lower East Side..34 Soho..21 West Village..22
Food..19 Manhattan..190

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Frequently I am asked for a list of my favorite New York web-sites.

Presented here are varied sites, broken up into categories ranging from exceptionally informative to somewhat esoteric (perhaps even eccentric).

Choose a category that interests you and enjoy!
- Justin
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