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Justin Ferate of Tours of the City is noted for creating and conducting custom tours for corporate clients, corporate guests and organizations of all kinds. Make the hidden treasures of New York City come alive with this knowledgeable and insightful Tour Guide. Both daytime and evening tours are available.

Justin is the perfect Tour Guide to create a special program for your unique needs.

We specialize in viewing unusual neighborhoods, offbeat sites, landmark buildings, and distinguished interiors — all with insightful and illuminating commentary. As a noted raconteur, Justin Ferate provides a new insight into New York. His tours are rich with history, legends, and occasionally a bit of lively gossip.

Justin has specialized in designing programs for agencies ranging from the Museum of Modern Art and the New York Public Library to the Thomas Wolfe Society and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Suggest your own tour ideas or choose from one of our more popular tours:
  Green-wood Cemetery   Green-wood Cemetery  
Grand Central Terminal
  Next Stop Grand Central Terminal!**  
Artistic Studios
Artistic Studios for the Elite
5th Avenue
  The Fifth Avenue: America's Gold Coast  
Broklyn Bridge to Brooklyn Heights
  Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn Heights   Doors to Brooklyn   Open the Doors to Brooklyn
Art Deco Buildings
  Art Deco inMidtown Manhattan  
Gansvoort Market
  Gansevoort market  
The Jewish Lower East Side
The Jewish Lower East Side
New York in 1776
  New York in 1776   Historic Harlem   Historic Harlem  
44th Street
  A Stroll along 44th Street

** Rated Best Walking Tour in New York by the AAA Guide to New York

These are not your only options! Visit the Tour Ideas page for more!

Organize a tour that can do all this for your group:

  • Generate Income
  • Promote Public Visibility
  • Provide Social and Educational Opportunities
  • New Employee Orientations
  • After-work Events

Custom limousine tours for corporate executive clients and guests available.

For a general guideline, the fee for most custom tours is $400-$475 for up to four hours. Fees are based on the nature of the Tour Program, the research necessary, and the tasks required to ensure that the tour is a success.

Fees include the actual tour, plus Custom Tour Design, a Tour Description (suitable for promotional purposes), and all of the necessary advance preparations. Additional costs may be involved in meal arrangements, transportation, site admissions, and other tour-related fees. Longer tour days can also be arranged to suit your needs and desires.

For leaders coordinating group tours, a special "per person" price structure can be established, if desired.

Contact Justin at Tours of the City to discuss your tour. With over 25 years of New York City cultural, architectural, and historical touring experience, Justin can create a special tour to suit your group's needs.

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