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1. 1964 (and 1939) World's Fair: Modern Ruins    A wonderful array of photographic images of the World's Fair site (often in ruins) and observations....
2. 1964 New York World's Fair: Exploring America's Space Age World's Fair    An extensive site. Take a few minutes to learn how to navigate the site and then spend hours discovering its delights!
3. 1964 World's Fair at NIGHT    A small, but lovely collection of nighttime images of the 1964 World's Fair
4. About Queens    Follow through the various links on this site to learn more about different Queens neighborhoods and events.
5. Frederic Schwartz Architects    A range of projects are posted on site including a number in NYC: Harlem, Gramercy Park, WTC Site, Chelsea, SoHo, etc.
6. History of the New York Transit Museum: Brooklyn, New York + NYC Subway History    This site adresses much of the history of public transportation in NYC. It also includes virtual field trips.
7. John Bowne House Historical Society    Bowne House (ca. 1661) is the oldest house in Queens and among the oldest in New York City. Inspired Religious Freedom in the US.
8. Lewis H. Latimer House    Home of the African American inventor of the carbon filament lightbulb and other major creations.
9. Long Island Motor Parkway    The first motor parkway in the nation to use reinforced concrete, landscaping, banked turns for high-speed driving, safety guard rails, and more.
10. New York Heritage Digital Library Collections    More than 160 digital collections from New York State, via libraries, archives, museums, and other cultural institutions.
11. Property Shark    A web resource that includes an amazing amount of building information. Try free trial to see if you are satisfied.
12. Socrates Sculpture Park    Only site in the New York Metropolitan area specifically for artists to create and exhibit large-scale works.
13. Voelker Orth Museum Bird Sanctuary and Victorian Garden    Historical middle-class home with excellent gardens. An unexpected delight!

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