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1. Bridges of New York: Dave Frieder, Photographer    A photographer's website documenting the various bridges of New York City. Niice images.
2. Chocolate: New York Chocolate    Chocolate shops and sites throughout New York. Even maps!
3. Faded Signs in New York by Artist/Photographer Frank Jump    A delightful website of historic (hence, faded) painted wall advertising in New York City. Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria!!
4. Forgotten NY    Fantastic series of websites with historic street scenes, neighborhoods, buildings, and oddities. You'll spend hours touring on these sites!
5. History of the New York Transit Museum: Brooklyn, New York + NYC Subway History    This site adresses much of the history of public transportation in NYC. It also includes virtual field trips.
6. Medieval New York    A wonderful student site that consists of a range of artices about numerous churches, plus Temple Emanu-El, the Woolworth Tower, the Kingsbridge Armory, and many others.
7. Metropolitan Historic Structures Association    
8. New York City Subway Art Guide    Great photographic selection of the Arts for Transit projects in the New York City subway system.
9. New York Dynamic: New York History / Baseball History    The website of Tour Guide and Lecturer, Peter Laskowich, who LOVES baseball. For baseball aficionados, please visit this site.
10. Pelham Parkway Times    For those who are nostaligic for the "olden days" in the Bronx & Pelham Parkway
11. Piccirilli Brothers Studio    Fantastic website with great images of the works of the Piccirilli Brothers of the Bronx.
12. Place Matters    Places of social and cultural importance in New York City. Not your usual landmarks. Click on "Tours" or "Featured Place of the Week."
13. Roundabout New York    An interesting blog site that is devoted to New York neighborhoods.
14. Starbuck's in New York City: For the Politically Incorrect    A Description and phot-listing of the various Starbuck's coffee shops in New York City
15. UK Replica Watches, Rolex Replica Watches    A website of replica watches

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