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1. 1964 New York World's Fair: Wikipedia    A good overall article on the 1964 World's Fair.
2. 1964 World's Fair at NIGHT    A small, but lovely collection of nighttime images of the 1964 World's Fair
3. Audrey Munson: Muse, Model, Forgotten, Remembered    A website devoted to the model who posed for the female figure in many of the great Beaux Arts statues in Manhattan. Fascinating!
4. Chicago World's Fair: World's Columbian Exposition of 1893    Al right! So it's a little odd to note the Chicago World's Fair - but it was very influential in New York City. FABULOUS SITE!
5. Christo and Jean-Claude's Official Website    Extensive website with information about Christo's Gates and numerous other projects.
6. Christo Official Website from NYC    Lots of Valuable Information
7. City Revies    A diverse website on numerous topics about New York. Particularly good for individual histories of buildings.
8. Faded Signs in New York by Artist/Photographer Frank Jump    A delightful website of historic (hence, faded) painted wall advertising in New York City. Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria!!
9. Germany in New York    A website pertaining to all things German in New York. Constantly changing. A very good site.
10. Hudson Valley: Illustrated Books and 19th Cent. Domestic Design    
11. Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art    Staten Island's noted TIbetan Art Museum
12. Metronome Clock at Union Square    
13. New York City Subway Art Guide    Great photographic selection of the Arts for Transit projects in the New York City subway system.
14. New York City Subway Tiles: Part One - Guastavino Tiles    Nice site about NYC subway tiles and their makers
15. New York History Info    history, pictures and e-cards too
16. New York Images    New York related art works by a range of artists, both well-known and lesser-known
17. Old Bethpage Village Restoration    
18. Piccirilli Brothers Studio    Fantastic website with great images of the works of the Piccirilli Brothers of the Bronx.
19. Place Matters    Places of social and cultural importance in New York City. Not your usual landmarks. Click on "Tours" or "Featured Place of the Week."
20. Prospect Park Photograph Archives    Impressive historic photographs of Prospect Park, Brooklyn.
21. Snug Harbor Cultural Center    Staten Island's noted Cultural Complex at historic Sailor's Snug Harbor
22. Walking Tours of Manhattan: Self-Guided    An interesting array of self-guided Manhattan walks with Google Maps and photographs and sometimes explanatory text.
23. Women's City Club of NY    

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