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1. 1964 (and 1939) World's Fair: Modern Ruins    A wonderful array of photographic images of the World's Fair site (often in ruins) and observations....
2. Alice Austen House    Historic home of one of America's first female photographers.
3. Alice Austen House Museum    The gingerbread cottage of one of America's first female photographers.
4. American Architectural Survey    Great site! Numerous images, drawings, etc. of historic New York and nationally noted buildings
5. Architectural Photographs by Ezra Stoller, Peter Mauss & others    Various grand photographic images of noted architectural statements - a number of which are from New York City (including WTC)
6. Asbury Park: Bruce Springsteen Landmarks    
7. Chinatown: A Journey Through Chinatown: Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens    Excellent site about Chinatowns in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn with maps and photos. Even a chocolate tour! Intelligent commentary about Five Points.
8. Chrysler Building / Silver Spire: How Two Men's Dreams Changed the Skyline of New York    Lovingly written information about the Chrysler Building
9. Drive to Protect the LADIES' MILE District    
10. Forgotten NY    Fantastic series of websites with historic street scenes, neighborhoods, buildings, and oddities. You'll spend hours touring on these sites!
11. Fort Greene Park Conservancy    Nice site with good historic information. Great postcard images of Fort Greene Park.
12. Fraunces Tavern Museum - New York Freedom Trail    
13. Get NJ!    
14. Great Images along the Sixth Avenue Elevated (Demolished in 1938)    
15. Greater Astoria Historical Society IMAGES    Great images of the Long Island City / Astoria area of Queens County
16. Historic Photos of Early 20th Century Manhattan    
17. James Maher New York Photographs - New and Old    A great series of web articles interspersing historic and new images of major NYC landmarks. Wow!
18. Jersey City History and Landmarks: Walking Tour of Van Vorst Park Historic District    
19. Jersey City: Past and Present    
20. New York City in Black & White Photos: From 1890 on....    Magnificent photographs of old New York
21. New York Heritage Digital Library Collections    More than 160 digital collections from New York State, via libraries, archives, museums, and other cultural institutions.
22. New York History Info    history, pictures and e-cards too
23. NYC Municipal Archives    Nice on-line photo gallery in various areas. Great research institution.
24. Old Staten Island    Numerous historical images of Staten Island
25. Old York Library    A wewb version of developer Seymour Durst's New York collection, now located at CUNY Graduate Center. Great e-mailable post cards!
26. Park Slope (Brooklyn) Civic Council    The website for one of Brooklyn's oldest neighborhood civic groups.
27. Prospect Park Photograph Archives    Impressive historic photographs of Prospect Park, Brooklyn.
28. Skyscraper Walking Tour of Lower Manhattan    Four nIce "download-able" descriptions and self-guided walking tours of some of the world's great skyscrapers.
29. Steinway Pianos History    A brief history of this world-famous piano company.
30. The Chrysler Building: Wikipedia    A remarkably detailed, yet brief, description of the Chrysler Building. Includes some interesting Chrysler web-links.
31. The Unofficial JFK Airport Anniversary Page    Aviation aficionados will like the photos from JFK's past: Stratocruisers, the Saarinen terminal under construction, and a female air traffic controller in 1948.
32. UK Replica Watches, Rolex Replica Watches    A website of replica watches
33. URBAN TOURISM: Tour of Fifth Avenue in 1909    A delightful tour of turn-of-the-20th-century Fifth Avenue.
34. Welcome to TriBeCa    History, Architecture, Maps, and more...
35. World Trade Center Photo Tour    

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