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1. 1964 (and 1939) World's Fair: Modern Ruins    A wonderful array of photographic images of the World's Fair site (often in ruins) and observations....
2. Chrysler Building / Silver Spire: How Two Men's Dreams Changed the Skyline of New York    Lovingly written information about the Chrysler Building
3. Chrysler Building / The Social Construction of the Skyscraper    Remarkable website about the Chrysler Building and its interrelationship with its time. Great historic images.
4. New York City Subway Tiles: Part One - Guastavino Tiles    Nice site about NYC subway tiles and their makers
5. New York City Walk (With photographs)    Between May 2002 and December 2004, I walked every street on the island of Manhattan. Every darn street.
6. New York Heritage Digital Library Collections    More than 160 digital collections from New York State, via libraries, archives, museums, and other cultural institutions.
7. New York History Info    history, pictures and e-cards too
8. Old Bethpage Village Restoration    
9. Photographs of New York Art, Architecture, Holiday Windows, and more    A wonderful website by New Yorker Mark Lentz
10. Prospect Park Photograph Archives    Impressive historic photographs of Prospect Park, Brooklyn.
11. Skyscraper Walking Tour of Lower Manhattan    Four nIce "download-able" descriptions and self-guided walking tours of some of the world's great skyscrapers.
12. Snug Harbor Cultural Center    Staten Island's noted Cultural Complex at historic Sailor's Snug Harbor
13. The Chrysler Building: Wikipedia    A remarkably detailed, yet brief, description of the Chrysler Building. Includes some interesting Chrysler web-links.
14. The Greater Ridgewood Historical Society: The Vander Ende-Onderdonk House    
15. Women's City Club of NY    

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