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1. American Architectural Survey    Great site! Numerous images, drawings, etc. of historic New York and nationally noted buildings
2. Bridge and Tunnel Club    A fun photographic series of walks throughout all five boroughs of New York City.
3. Children's Museum of the Arts    
4. Curbed: An Edgy (or maybe "Quirky") Real Estate "Blog"    Diverse and often intersting articles and web-links about New York neighborhoods
5. Deitch Projects Gallery: SoHo and Long Island City, Queens    Deitch Projects is known for producing ambitious projects by contemporary artists.
6. Downtown Boathouse    
7. Forgotten New York: New York Neighborhoods    Illustrated tours of New York neighborhoods. Great websites!
8. Former Street Names in Manhattan    Old roads, lanes, alleys, courts, terraces, parks, squares, wharves, piers, slips, markets and other named urban features that have been demapped, obliterated, or renamed.
9. Frederic Schwartz Architects    A range of projects are posted on site including a number in NYC: Harlem, Gramercy Park, WTC Site, Chelsea, SoHo, etc.
10. New York Architecture Images    Images new and historic of buildings throughout Manhattan plus good commentaries. Also section on no-longer-extant buildings.
11. New York City Building Department    A good source of information about individual buildings in all five boroughs. Click on "Certificates of Occupancy" for PDFs of original documents.
12. New York Heritage Digital Library Collections    More than 160 digital collections from New York State, via libraries, archives, museums, and other cultural institutions.
13. New York Songlines: A Virtual Walking Tour of Manhattan neighborhoods    A site-map and virtual walking tour guide of Manhattan south of 48th Street
14. NYC Atelier    An incredible printable interactive map series of Greenwich Village and SoHo with art, architecture, restaurants and more.
15. NYU: Architecture in NY/Self-guided Walking Tours    
16. Photographic Walking Tours of Manhattan Neighborhoods    A wide range of photographic walks throughout Manhattan
17. Place Matters    Places of social and cultural importance in New York City. Not your usual landmarks. Click on "Tours" or "Featured Place of the Week."
18. Property Shark    A web resource that includes an amazing amount of building information. Try free trial to see if you are satisfied.
19. Street Easy    A street finder and real estate tool. Can prove useful for address and location finding.
20. UK Replica Watches, Rolex Replica Watches    A website of replica watches

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